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Privacy Policy

At UNIVERSAL GROUP we handle with the utmost seriousness our duty to maintain the privacy of our clients’ personal information.

Because we value the relationship we have with you as a client, we do not sell any of your information or share it with any entity outside of the family of companies that make up UNIVERSAL GROUP.

The law requires us to issue yearly notifications of our privacy policy.

Your right to privacy has always been a priority of UNIVERSAL GROUP. We have implemented physical, electronic, and organizational safeguards to protect our clients’ information.

We are constantly reviewing our policies and practices, we monitor our computerized systems and test the effectiveness of our security measures to ensure the protection of our clients’ information.

A. Information collected:

Personal information that may include the name, address and telephone, work history, financial status and health history, as well as insurance claims.

This information is collected from your insurance application or from other business transacted with us. We also obtain it from agencies that offer consumer information, public records, and agencies that collect information that you have previously provided to us.

If your relationship with us ends, your personal information will continue to be protected, as required by local and federal law, and with our own practices, as described in this notification.

UNIVERSAL GROUP will not disclose or use information about your health that we may have in our records without your previous written authorization or unless permitted by the applicable laws and regulations of the federal and state government. Upon signing and dating the consent form, which will be sent to you upon request, it will be valid for one year, but you may revoke it at any time by sending a written, dated, and signed request to that effect.

B. With whom do we share your information:

We only share your personal information with our subsidiaries following strict confidentiality measures. You may receive some benefits including, without limitation, information about new products, easy access to information about your insurance policies, etc.

However, according to the law, and without your written authorization, we may provide information about you that we have in our records to persons and organizations such as: persons who transact business with us; organizations that offer insurance related support; organizations that perform actuarial or related studies; other insurance companies to allow them to perform their duties for the insurance transactions you may request; regulatory or law enforcement authorities; and to people who request information in conformity with a judicial requirement or court order or of an administrative agency. In that case, we only share the information necessary to satisfy the above purposes. Additionally, we require that certain entities keep the information confidential and limit their use exclusively to the purpose for which it has been provided.

Subject to its Right of Exclusion, UNIVERSAL GROUP may disclose your personal information to third parties such as the following:

• Financial services providers, such as banks, mortgage companies, mortgage brokers, agencies that offer consumer information, insurance companies, financial advisors and similar companies, real estate agents, brokers, and appraisers.

• Non-financial companies, such as shopping discount clubs for consumers, companies that provide consumer products and services.

• Others, such as volunteer organizations and associations.

Even if you exercise your Right of Exclusion, we may share information with certain third parties, as permitted by law or regulation, as applicable. This may include, without limitation, disclosing information to handle your insurance application form, to our attorneys, accountants, regulators, advisors and consultants in the quality control area, if we suspect fraud or to protect your insurance rights.

Your Right of Exclusion will apply only to the specific insurance or account number you indicate on the Exclusion Request form. Your Right of Exclusion will apply to you and to any cosigner of your application.

C. Security measures we use to guarantee the privacy of the information:

We have implemented physical, electronic, and organizational safeguards to protect our client's information.

We limit access to the information to those employees on a need to know basis in order to provide services and products. Our employees are trained on the need to comply with our Privacy Policy and we take disciplinary measures to hold non-compliant employees accountable.

D. Right of Exclusion

If you do not want us to disclose your personal information that is not public, about you, non-affiliated third parties, you may exercise your Right of Exclusion and request that we do not share it (except as permitted by law and as explained above). You may request it by sending us the Disclosure Exclusion Form enclosed, “Exclusion Request”, to the following address: Customer Service Department PO Box 71338, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-8438.

E. Reserve:
We reserve the right to modify or substitute this privacy policy at any moment. If we make any material changes we issue a revised privacy notice to our actual clients regarding our new practices.


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