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We offer several financing options.


Construction bonds are very beneficial for individual or entities planning on building, financing, designing, or supervising construction projects.

There are three types of construction related bonds:

  1. 1.  Bid Bond - Guarantees that the bidder will contract at the bidding price or according to the bid, and that the bidder will provide the required Payment and Performance.
  3. 2.  Performance bond - Protects the project owner from any loss arising from a breach by the contractor in failing to complete the project according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

  4. 3.  Payment Bond - Guarantees that the contractor will pay all the labor and materials related to the contracted projects.


  1. 1.Licenses and Permits

    Bonds that guarantee compliance with the laws regulating a business or profession.

  2. 2.Utilities

    Guarantees payment for utilities such as water or electric service to the appropriate public utility company.

  3. 3.Judicial

    Guarantee against lawsuits resulting in illegal liens or damages to a third party.

  4. 4.Rent

  5. Guarantees rent payments.


  7. 5.Taxes

    Guarantees tax payments owed to the Tax Authority.

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