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Employment Practices Liability Insurance(EPL)

Universal Insurance is always looking to offer cutting-edge products to our customers.  For that reason, coverage for Employment Practices Liability (EPL) is included in our Commercial General Liability (CGL), Commercial Package (CPP) and Unipak Commercial (BOP).   


The EPL coverage provides defense and indemnity against claims for current and past labor disputes at all levels.


Why do I need EPL insurance?

Because I do not want to compromise my clients’ financial stability in case of unexpected expenses


What are the applicable limits and deductibles?

• $100,000 limit per claim, $100,000 aggregate

• $5,000 deductible


What benefits does the EPL insurance provide?1

• Legal defense

• Coverage against unjust termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, or other claims.

• Provides 5-year protection for claims declared after the policy’s expiration for incidents duly reported during the policy’s coverage period.

• Offers protection for 60 days from the expiration date of the policy, for claims whose incidents where not previously reported.


What advantages does the EPL insurance policy provides?1

• The insured can be in charge of their businesses with certainty and peace of mind.

• The insurer needs consent in order to process a claim made by an employee.

• Provides “Claims made and reported” coverage.

• Defense expenses are included in the limits.


Which damages are covered upon policy activation?1

• Sentence or transaction

• Compensatory, punitive or exemplary damages

• Attorney fees

• Prejudgment interests






1 According to the policy: This summary of benefits was drafted for marketing purposes for the EPL coverage and does not describe its totality. Please refer to the Universal Insurance Company EPL policy to obtain the complete information on the product. Eligibility is subject to its Subscription Guides.




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