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Group Life

A Group Life policy offers a collective life insurance that protects you in case of accidental death and dismemberment.

Eligible Groups

  1. Groups having an employer/employee relationship.

  2. Labor Unions

  3. Trustees of a fund established by two (2) or more employers within the same industry,
    by one or more labor unions, one or more employers or union members.

  4. Credit unions, professional, federal, state or municipal employees
    associations; associations or trade schools to insure their members.


Annually renewable Term Life Insurance

The company pays the designated beneficiary the insurance proceeds amount in effect on the date of death of the insured employee. This insurance amount will be paid in one lump sum, if requested.

Premium Payment Waiver (Optional)

Life insurance coverage may include a benefit for Premium Payment Waiver. It allows the employee to maintain coverage without paying premiums in case of total disability due to accident or illness before reaching the age specified in the master policy.

Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement

What is this benefit?

If the insured receives a terminal illness diagnosis unequivocally proved by a physician authorized to practice medicine in Puerto Rico, United States, before reaching the age of 60; and his or her insurance coverage is at least $10,000, then the insured may request payment of a portion of the Life Insurance proceeds before death occurs. The requested amount may not exceed 80% of the Life Insurance Benefit, and it is subject to a $3,000 minimum and $500,000 maximum. The insured may use this option only once during the life of the policy.

What constitutes a Terminal Illness or being Terminally Ill?

It means that the life expectancy of the individual is 12 months or less.

What happens to the Accidental Death Benefit under this endorsement?

The benefits payed under this endorsement will not affect the benefits payed under the accidental death coverage. Payment of any benefit under this provision will reduce the benefit payable upon death.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Optional)

If the insured employee incurs any of the losses specified in the policy due to accidental injury, the company will pay the designated beneficiary the insurance amount for said loss.

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