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UniPak Personal Home Business

In Universal we care about improving the quality of life, providing protection and great Service to our clients.

When you have Unipak Personal you receive more than one benefit and it allows you to:


-Consolidate different types of coverage into a single policy

-One effective date and one expiration date

-Premium Discounts


With Unipak Personal, you can insure within one policy, the following coverage:

-Property (dwelling and content)

-Personal Liability (protects against damages caused to third parties)

-Automobile (annual policy or liability)

-Umbrella (covers the excess liability of the primary limits)



Special limits: (some of them)

Types of Coverage Límits*
Money, bank notes, etc. $   500
Securities, account, deeds, etc. $2,000
Watercraft (ncluding trailer) $2,000
Trailer (not used with watercraft) $2,000
Jewelry $2,000
Firearms $3,000
Silverware $3,000
Property for any business purpose on the premises    $3,000
Property for any business purpose off premises $1,000
Flood $3,000
Identity Theft Expenses $5,000


* Some of these limits may be increased by endorsement for an additional premium.


We also offer optional coverage such as:

-Secondary residence

-Increase in alterations and improvements

-Additional residences rented to others

-“UniAsiste” Home Endorsement

-Business Pursuits

-Home Business

-Personal Accident caused by a car accident (death, loss of vision, dismemberment and hospital indemnity)


For more information please refer to policy or consult with your Authorized Representative or Producer.

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