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UniAsiste Road and Travel

A flat tire or leaving the car keys inside the vehicle may ruin your day. For your peace of mind, convenience, and safety, we have created UniAsiste which besides covering road mishaps and unexpected events, it also protects you when you travel in and outside of Puerto Rico.


Towing Service

For your peace of mind, you can count on unlimited towing service throughout the Island 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in case of an accident or if your vehicle has a mechanical breakdown.



Gas Service

In case your vehicle runs out of gas, sufficient gas will be provided so that your car can make it to the nearest gas station.



Charge or jump-starting your battery

We will charge your car’s battery so that you can continue on the road.



Tire Change Service

If you get a flat tire, it will be replaced with the vehicle’s spare tire.



Locksmith Service

If the car keys are locked inside the vehicle, we will send a locksmith to open your car’s door.



Bail bond Payment

With this benefit, you are entitled up to $500 in a year to provide bond in case of a violation to the Traffic Laws.



Theft Reward

We offer an incentive of up to $5,000 in a year for providing information that will help the arrest and the conviction of the criminal who stole your car.



Towing and/or vehicle extraction

$200 maximum limit



Extension of the insured stay outside of Puerto Rico due to an injury or illness.

Limit of a daily amount of up to $50, with a maximum of $270.



Medical assistance for an injury or illness suffered by the insured outside of Puerto Rico

$6,000 maximum limit per insured



Transport or transfer to Puerto Rico of the insured deceased and all insured companions.

Maximum limit of $3,000 within Puerto Rico and a maximum of $6,000 outside of Puerto Rico.



Car Rental

Up to $300 for a 36 hour rental.



Lost luggage during a regular flight

$100 maximum limit



Important Notice:   For more information, please refer to policy conditions or call your authorized representative or producer.


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