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Unlike other individual life insurance policies, this product does not require proof of health or medical tests and there is no waiting period. This individual life insurance policy grants death benefits if the insured dies within the period specified. It is offered for terms of 10, 20, or 30 years.

It pays designated beneficiaries the benefit amount you choose, which can be as much as $250,000, with a level premium for the coverage period acquired.

The authorized representative will ask you five medical questions. It is not necessary to provide the authorized representative with proof of health or medical tests.

He or she will process your application and, if it is approved, you will be handed a letter of welcome instantly certifying the approval and you will be sent the maximum benefit amount to which you are entitled. You will receive your policy and a copy of the completed application by return mail.


Additional Benefits (optional):


Accidental Death Benefit: This coverage pays an additional benefit in the event that the death of the insured occurs accidentally.

Premium Payment Relief: The company relinquishes charging the premium if the insured is totally disabled for a period of six months and continues disabled. This benefit is available up to the age of 60.

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