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Term Life

You always protect your family. Make sure they are protected for the future even if you are no longer with them, with an individual life insurance policy that provides a death benefit. This policy is offered with terms of 10, 20, and 30 years. The latter is optional, with the return of premiums as an alternative.



• This policy insures your life from a minimum of $25,000.

• It will pay the assigned beneficiary the acquired amount.

• The insured can choose a variety of protection options.


Return of Premiums:

This benefit provides for the return of a percentage of the premium paid after having paid the premium of the original policy for more than four years. It only applies for 30-year policies with premium return.



Who can take out life insurance?

Anyone between the ages of:


• 20 and 65, for terms of 10 and 20 years
• 20 and 55, for a term of 30 years



The rates will be based on the insured’s profile.


Consideration will be taken of:

• Age

• Sex

• Tobacco consumption


Additional Benefits (optional):


• Accidental Death Benefit: The policy pays an additional benefit in the event that death occurs because of an accident.

• Premium Payment Waiver: The company relinquishes charging the premiums if the insured is totally disabled for a period of six months and continues disabled. This benefit is available up until 60 years of age.

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